Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization is leading the Anti Port City People's Movement to bring women voice to resist to the destruction of Colombo Port City.
The Women Voice against Port City has been planned to convene a seminar and a March with 1000 women in Negombo area. 
Marcus Fernando, coordinator of Negombo Lagoon Fisher People's Organization and one of the organizers of the protest said at the NAFSO steering committee, "We need not to talk much. But we talk only after defeat the Port City." that shows the commitment of the fisher leaders to resist and prevent the destruction to Fisher communities in Gampaha district.
Subashinie Kamalanathan the coordinator or Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization said, "We are receiving overwhelming support to revive the campaign against port city. Everyone were waiting some one to take the leadership. We will demonstrate Women's Power as we performed at the SeaPlane struggle. Every one said, there is no point to fight as everything is over. But, we the women took the leadership and mobilize communities to defeat oppressive regime. Good Governance Government should listen to people more than Rajapakse regime." added Subashinie.

The protest campaign will be held on 22nd August at Cardinal Cooray Center at Thammita Negombo from 2.00 pm onwards.
The organizers invite all those concern Small Scale Fishers issues primarily join hands with them in this Struggle.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Justice for Lena ! After all LTTE leader, KP is also free now.

We are in Solidarity with Lena of Malaysia.!

Lena was convicted to 3 years of imprisonment due to screening of the Film "NO FIRE ZONE" which was based on the War Crime Charges against SL.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Some more Media coverage on Food Sovereignty campaign from 1-16 October

Some work carried out by NAFSO on Food Sovereignty campaign Was reported in Tamil news paper.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NAFSO launched island wide children's day campaign against chid abuse

The child abuse reported many parts of the country in the recent past.
In many places there were children abuses and killings were reported.
In Jaffna, school girl Vidya Devi was raped and killed.
In Kotadeniyawa Seya Dewmini was raped and killed.
In Negombo there was another rape case reported during this week.

The National Women Federation which is facilitated by NAFSO was organized an islandwide campaign against child abuse and violence against women.
Galle, Matara, Negombo, Puttlam, Ampara, Jaffna, Mannar, Trincomallee, Polonnaruwa and Batticoloa district organizations were organized the campaign under the theme of "Let us protect our future through protecting our children and Protecting women from violence."

The Negombo Sri Vimukthi Fisher Women Organization shared their work sending through photos which is they had conducted a successful event with march, protest against child abuse and handing over petition to the Negombo divisional secretary.
The Subashiniee Kamalanadan, the Coordinator of Sri Vimukthi Fisher women Organization, said at the meeting,
"We the women come forward to protect our children from any form of abuse as this is a growing tendency in our country. When we come forward as citizens and be on alert as organized group, it is not allow to continue this situation.
It is our intention too to force the authorities to take stern action against the perpetrators of child abuse with out any delay." added Subashinee at the media briefing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Empowering Citizens in North-Valikamam North in Jaffna

NAFSO is engage in empowering people in the ground, specifically the war affected communities in selected divisional secretariat areas in Northern, Eastern, North Western Provinces.
War affected communities are one of the most vulnerable groups as some of them are still living in displaced camps or some other people's lands even after 51/2 years of war ended.

NAFSO team conducted another education and focus group meeting last 19th January in Valikamam north in Thellipillai, Jaffna. The 26 participants from 5 selected villages met and selected their representatives to the
citizen committee as Valikamam north citizen committee and elected 2 persons for represent the People's Gallery at the Thellipilai Pradesheeya Saba. At the same time, people were able to elect another person for the advisory council of the same Pradesheeya Saba which is a great achievement of the Citizen Committee formation process of NAFSO.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

People Say NO to Corrupted Politicians to Maithree Regime

It is really painful to see the corrupted politicians are either leave the country secretly or join the Maithree Government which promised for a change and change for a good governance.

It is we who faced lot of harassment, brutal attacks while engage in the campaign for reform agenda during the elections. Eppawla is one place we were attacked by Mahinda Rajapakse's supporters or the goons. Also Hambantota, where Mahinda Rajapakse's place of political origin we were brutally attacked and 4 of our colleagues were hospitalized due to the attacks.
The mayor of Hambantota municipality[I dont write this fellows name purposely]  was the main accused of the attack who was arrested later and remanded for 3 days during the election.

After the election, the same person has come forward to support Maithreepala Sirisena, the present president. However, people in the area are totally reject his joining the ruling party and campaigned against the acceptance of his support to Maithripala.